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"for seven time seven years they fought
and in the end those who watched were satisfied
with their handiwork; their masters would be
pleased. The Hidden also watched and were
pleased also; perhaps this time the survivors
would be strong enough and quick enough
to break the cycle."

Cyborg is a play-by-mail stratergy game set in the distant future. After 49 years of conflict which devastated the world, an uneasy peace begins. Those that are left, now vastly different from the lifeforms that went before, are starting to rebuild and explore. Ruined cities, towns, and bases dot the barren and scarred landscape. Those that call themselves the 'Fore-Fathers' and resemble the ancestors of those that call themselves Cyborgs, travel the world trading in goods and services. Here and there, through means unknown a Fore-Father trading post or city stands as a beacon of a distant past.
You are one of the lucky ones, a Cyborg Master, a Survivor! Through luck and judgement you have kept your team alive; now is the time to expand and perpetuate your kind. Your resources are limited, sufficient to last a short time. You survey your team, your 'Clan' you suppose, two robot Soldiers, two Workers, and a Scout. Like you the Workers and the Scout are Cyborgs, living organic material inside a duralloy and ceramic body. The robots are just comples AIs inside Duralloy shells, usually expendable, but at the moment in short supply.
Now you look to the future, what to do first, that is the question. Your Tech is not what it once was, perhaps some Research - but that requires labs and funds.Build some labs, you have material for one or two - but that would use it all up. Perhaps some more robots, either of standard or new improved designs. Perhaps some more Cyborgs - but this requires raw materials you don't have. Perhaps gathering new supplies should be your first task, or maybe purchasing them from a passing Fore-Father Trader. They buy as well as sell, so you've heard - but you can never guarentee the price from one month to the next. Then of course there are the Ruins; what riches do they hold, or what horrors? Maybe others of your kind have survived, but what to do about them? Do you persue the Diplomatic route or take the Military one?

This is one of a number of ePBM games that I'm in the process of designing. One day I might even get around to coding it.

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