Yet Another Universal Game System (YAUGS)

Universal RPG Rules

Having played many games systems over the years I've always found problems in some regards with them, too many tables, cumbersome combat system, restrictive class system, too generic and therefore unrepresentative attributes etc.

At various points I have tried to put together a system I'm happy with and as the years have progressed it has evolved and changed. YAUGS is the current and most advanced implementation of my thinking, subject to refinement through play testing.

It is the basis for my Scifi campaign WhiteSands, originally run under a very heavily modiifed set of TSR's Star Frontiers and my new fantasy campaign Worldstone, developed out of ideas from a Blizzard North's computer RPG Diablo II.

The rest of this page acts as an index for everything associated with the YAUGS system plus holding pages for the two campaigns, for use by both GM and player. Apart from the YAUGS rules there are example characters, campaign backgrounds, session logs, PC and NPC profiles and art work.

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The basic YAUGS rules are available as a PDF.
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Version 0.0.a 25/12/2008


A Medieval High Magic Campaign

    Character Background - Campaign specifics on character generation including variant rules
    The Players Intro or "Could someone please tell me what's going on?"
    Campaign Timeline or Key things the characters would probably know about
    Character Creation - Character creation for the WhiteSand Campaign
    Defines Character Architypes and includes new Advantages/Disadvantages, Skills, Abilities, and Equipment

    The Hero's of the Hour - Character Profiles and Diaries.
    Supporting Cast - GM session logs, NPC profiles, Diaries, and Miscellaneous Information

White Sands

A Future Tech Scifi Campaign

The basic YAUGS rules and WorlStone Campaign Guide are available as a PDF.
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Version 0.0.a 25/12/2008