Adventures In Role Play


Adventures in RolePlay was initially a concept developed to introduce my son and a number of his friends to roleplaying, but as with many things "Teenager" it was too much effort for them and it never happened. As a concept it was developed to introduce complete Roleplay novices to Roleplaying but should work equally as well with any group of roleplayers unfamiliar with diceless  roleplay.

So as with many things I revisit, and after some thinking about, it is now a "lighter" introduction to an Amber style diecless Roleplay than my "Keep of the Thirteenth Hour" Campaign.

It's setting is non-canonical in the true sense of Amber but is set in an Amber Universe approximately 5 Amber years after the Keep of the Thirteenth Hour events (The Rodian Wars) and where the repair of the Pattern failed. It's also non-canonical in that I've change all the names - I just hope I can remember who is who.

As an Amber lite setting I'm also not using the full character generation system, nor will there be an aution. Instead I have developed a docquestionaire that once completed will allow me, in conjunction with the player concearned, to create a character. As a result of recent observations in attempting to get a PBM campaign setup created the following which you may find useful, Character Conceputaliation - How to create an AiRP Character using the Questionaire as a guide.
Additionally, a couple of people have wanted to take the "Magic Pictures" - basically Trump - starting option without understanding how to gain "Trump Power" by accident, which is the only route to discovery and gaining it, if you're not taught by somebody. I have therefore written a second article on "How to Discover and Teach Yourself Trump".

If you're a player, or perhaps even a GM, and want an example of the thought processes I use to create a character from scratch read the section on Gabriel Barwicke in the Campaign Guide PDF for the "Keep of The Thirteenth Hour" (now online under Extended Character Examples).

How things pan out from here I have no real idea. I have the campaign introduction concept, some of which is set out in the "background" section below. This leads to a set of connected scenarios, and depending upon what happens during these, the potential for an extended campaign. In revisiting this concept and filling in a number of "holes" in the background there are a few seeds of ideas for future events, but in the best tradition of Roleplay I shall mostly be making it up as I go along.


I'm starting the campaign in an equivalent to present day Earth (well at least as of 2013) and using Cordelia and her company Mizzurian as the primary vehicle; except its a much different company to the one in her background at the start of the Keep of the Thirteenth Hour Campaign.

In addition because of the events of  The Rodian Wars (The Keep of the Thirteenth Hour Campaign) which effectievly means  that Cordelia's and the Amber Earth have suffered extensively, the Earth where Cordelia currently resides must be a parallel Earth where the equivalent events were no where near as severe (Mizzurian Earth). This also means that the characters must also come from one or more parallel Earths where the events were also no where near as severe. It also means that the characters will need to factor these events into their background.

In much the say way that Cordelia is introduced to Amber, our Hero's will receive a VIP invite to the "Mizzurian Expo 2013", an event which occurr between the 2nd and 4th May 2013, and which has become the topic of the day amongst techno geeks, journalists, business guru's, and the video gaming fraternity. This years event could be make or break for the company. Beyond this I'm saying nothing, just in case one or more of the players decides to read this...(in which case they should make sure they pay particular attention to the first couple of sentences in the last paragraph of the previous section!)

As additional background our heroes will be provided with the this article from Time™ magazine, assuming that the character bothers to do an internet search when theyget their invite.