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The Bracknell RPG club has been defunct since 2004 due to a lack of players.
I therefore maintain this page for posterity
If you're interested in playing Amber, Rifts, or Vampire then contact me directly

Ever since the advent of Tunnels and Trolls, groups of people have been meeting in strange places, shaking dice, moving strange figures, and muttering strange phases like " One more step Wizard and the Familiar gets it &quot.

The club meets on a weekly on Sundays in the Hammicks Bookstore in town centre. Like the Windsor Club games will run on a cyclical basis, with GMs and games changing every 12 weeks. Within each 12 week session 4 games run on a bi-weekly basis (see the schedule below) due to GM availability. Games can be a mixture of one offs, campaign lead-ins that never go anywhere, and full blown campaign games that will be taking their slotted turns for a number of years.
So if you've ever wanted to try your hand at a roleplaying game, are fed up with your current partners, or haven't been able to find anyone to play with locally, why not come and see us.


We've been up and running for several weeks now. The next step if people are interested and we can locate a home is to add a weekday evening to the schedule.


Upstairs in Hammicks in Bracknell, where the old Argos Store used to be. From 11:00am to 3:30 pm every Sunday.

Further Information

Most of the information about the club is given here. If you want to discuss anything further then drop me an Email with the subject of &quotBracknell RPG Info Required &quot.

Upcoming Games Roster

Sunday Roster

Current Cycle

Slot Game System
Session A Games
Game 1:-Deadlands (New Campaign)
Session B Games
Game 1:-A Victorian Adventure? (New Campaign)
Session Dates
Seasion A 30/03/2003, 13/04/2003, 27/04/2003, 11/05/2003, 01/06/2003, 15/06/2003, 29/06/2003
Seasion B 6/04/2003, 20/04/2003, 4/05/2003, 18/05/2003, 25/05/2003, 8/06/2003, 22/06/2003

Next Cycle

Session A Games
Game 1:-
Session B Games
Game 1:-
Session Dates
Seasion A 6/07/2003, 20/07/2003, 03/08/2003, 17/08/2003, 31/08/2003, 14/09/2003, 28/09/2003
Seasion B 13/07/2003, 27/07/2003, 10/08/2003, 24/08/2003, 07/09/2003, 21/09/2003, 7/10/2003

Future Cycles

Possible Games

Note: I'll add more possibles when I've more GM's
Marks D&D 3rd Edition(on going Campaign [part of])<
Star Wars(on going Campaign [part of])
Rifts(New section to on going Campaign)
Deadlands(New Campaign)
Mechanoids (New Campaign)
Rifts Mechanoids (New Campaign)
Xeno (New Campaign)

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