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Windsor Woleplayers

The Windsor Woleplayers RPG club has been defunct since 2005 due to a lack of players.
I therefore maintain this page for posterity
If you're interested in playing Amber, Rifts, or Vampire then contact me directly

Ever since the advent of Tunnels and Trolls, groups of people have been meeting in strange places, shaking dice, moving strange figures, and muttering strange phases like " One more step Wizard and the Familiar gets it &quot.
Whilst not quite of the antiquity of Tunnels and Trolls, Windsor Woleplayers has at least been around since 1983 - even if it's changed meeting premisis on several occasions.

The club meets on a Monday evening, between 7:30 and 11:00 or when they kick us out, in the The Three Elms Public House in Windsor. When numbers permit we run games on a cyclical basis, with GMs and games changing every 6-8 weeks. When numbers are low we may resort running a single game with longer turnover periods, typically 10-12 weeks. Games are a mixture of one offs, campaign lead-ins that never go anywhere, and full blown campaign games that have been taking their slotted turns for a number of years.
So if you've ever wanted to try your hand at a roleplaying game, are fed up with your current partners, or haven't been able to find anyone to play with locally, why not come and see us.


Because we meet in a public house no under 16's are allowed. We apologize for this but we no longer have the membership levels to afford to use the Youth Centre.

If this site doesn't get updated for a while its because I don't have the time. Just drop me an email and I'll let you know what's going on.

Three Elms Location

Further Information

Most of the information about the club is given here. If you want to discuss anything further then drop me an Email with the subject of " Windsor Woleplayers Info Required &quot.

Upcoming Games Roster

Slot Game System

Game 1 :- Keep of the Thirteenth Hour (Amber - On going Campaign [part of])
Game 2 :- Gurps Supers (on going Campaign [part of])
Game 3 :-
Next Slot

Game 1 :-
Game 2 :-
Game 3 :-
To be Finalised

Game 1 :-
Game 2 :-
Game 3 :-

Keep of the Thirteenth Hour (Amber - On going Campaign [part of])
Mechanoids (on going Campaign [part of])
Rifts(on going Campaign [part of])
Deadlands (on going Campaign [part of])
Star Ship Troopers (on going Campaign [part of])
Rifts Mechanoids (on going Campaign [part of])
Xeno (on going Campaign [part of])
Gurps Cyborg (on going Campaign [part of])
AD&D (3rd Edition) Haven Campaign (on going Campaign [part of])
AD&D (3rd Edition) Kalamar Campaign (on going Campaign [part of])
AD&D (3rd Edition) Vikings Campaign(on going Campaign [part of])
Gurps TimeMasters 2478 (on going Campaign [part of])
Call of Cthulhu (on going Campaign [part of])
Snow Valley (Sci-Fantasy)(on going Campaign [part of])
Futuristic Scifi(on going Campaign [part of])
Cinematic Martial Arts (on going Campaign [part of])
Gurps circ 1990 (on going Campaign [part of])
Gurps StoneAge (on going Campaign [part of]
Traveller (on going Campaign [part of])
Gurps Supers (on going Campaign [part of])
Gurps Scifi (on going Campaign [part of])
Run Out The Guns (on going Campaign [part of])
Arabian Knights (on going Campaign [part of]
Twilight 2000 (sort of) (on going Campaign [part of])
Amber (on going Campaign [part of])
AD&D (3rd Edition) Aerth Campaign (on going Campaign [part of])

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